I passed by this trilogy numerous times over the years and I never gave it a good look over. Now I’m sorry it took so long to realize that Tithe is another amazing feat by Holly Black, author of the popular Middle Grade Spiderwick Chronicles.

 If you want a cute and cuddly fairy tale then leave Tithe on the shelf. On the other hand if you want an edgy, gripping read then this is your best bet.

 Sixteen-year-old Kaye is about as real-world as it gets, following her band junkie mom from dive to dive. When she returns to her child hood town on the Jersey shore she finds that her imaginary friends from child hood weren’t so imaginary. In fact they are back and begging her to help win their freedom with a risky plan.

 What really had me hooked were Black’s characters. I was sucked into Corny and Kaye’s POV from the first few chapters. It is really hard not to gush about them. Not to mention you have the smooth, mysterious knight Roiben.

 The faeries Black has created are true to legend and as far from Fern Gully as you can imagine. I suppose I will leave the rest up fine patrons. But seriously, next time you visit the library think about picking up Tithe.


Why? because I love bad puns. 

I can even go as far as to say my first and middle name together make a pun. Mara from the jewish word for bitter, and Faith. Put them together and what have you got? A terrible pun.

I have a habit of kidding around with my friends and coming up with bad puns, so it only made sense to have a bad pun as a nick name so there you have it. The Kidd.

So what have I been doing? I finished my WIP Grimace early last month. Man was that a journey. I’ve learned so much with this story, and even if I can’t get an agent to pick it up, I know it will always have a special place in my heart. Now on to the 2nd draft! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have to say i’m sorry for my lack of posts. I have tons of ideas swirling around my head for the rest of this week and next week so make sure to check back.

Very, very rough snip from my first draft, but hey! Here it is The Kidd’s first Teaser Tuesday.

“Grimace who is Joan?”

“It’s too painful.” He said.

     The Gargoyles eyes rested on the moors far in the distance tracing back and forth over the landscape. When he fell silent she knew that he was less likely to speak again and many times she simply had to leave him be.

     He is wasting away here Jillian thought. If he could help the world then why wouldn’t he? He acted as if it were his purpose. She didn’t know who The Green Man was, but if Grimace believed in him she did too.

     Jillian stood up and looked over the edge. They were on top of one of the towers toward the back of the castle and it was a straight fall to the ground below. She gave him a glance and moved right in front of him.

     Without so much as a breath she took a step back and began to plummet to the world below. The air ruffled her hair and jacket and windows flicked by like a flip book. She closed her eyes, falling into a peaceful extacy.


In that second Grimace had grabbed for her and threw himself from the castle wall falling above, his wings folded in to dip faster. He caught her in time, opening his wings to cushion the fall.

     Jillian felt her feet touchdown as if someone had set her on the soil, and Grimace held her to his chest panting. He whirled her around between his claws, a furious look on his face but all she could do was smile  at him.

     “I knew you could fly.”

     Despite himself the gargoyle’s arms trembled and he mashed her into his chest shivering like a child would hold a small doll. Then held her at arm’s length.

     “Never do that again.”

When most people think of Paranormal YA, they think of Twilight, I think of The Summoning published in 2008 by Harper Collins.

In her debut YA novel, Kelley Armstrong (Authors of the popular Women of the Otherworld series) brings not only the fun and excitement related to Paranormal Fiction but realistic characters that pop from the page.

One day at school, fifteen-year-old Chloe Saunders starts to see ghosts. Her reaction sets off a chain of events that land her in ‘Lyle House’ a place for “troubled teens”.

At Lyle House Chloe runs into a slew of suspicious administrators and kids very much like herself. It is there she finds that she is not the only one with paranormal problems.

I don’t want to spoil this great trilogy for you. Readers of Armstrong’s adult novels will be plesantly surprised that her Young Adult trilogy resides in the same ‘universe’ as her adult novels.

The second book The Awakening is out as of last year, and the third and final book of The Darkest Powers  trilogy The Reconing  is due out April 2010. So don’t worry, you still have time to catch up with the fans of this fab series.

The Blog Monster has struck again. It has claimed a new victim. That victim is myself. According to Wiki The Blog Monster has devoured the souls of 112,000,000 people. Every hour it finds new victims. Who will be next?

 A year ago I would have asked: What the heck is a blog?  Now it’s like you HAVE to have one in the writing world. So here I am,  with another habit I will be sucked into thanks to my wonderful friends over at Absolutewrite.com/forums/ in the YA section.

Shame on you TWFT’s and OPWFT’s you know who you are.